for corporate soft skills trainings
Conduct trainings remotely
in other regions
Invite for new courses and individual consultations
Simulate any environment for training
Strengthen ties
Learn playing
Virtual reality glasses VR Box v. 2.0
Google cardboard
any other VR glasses
Trainee acts in a virtual audience before the avatars of fellow students. Training takes place in your free time as a homework. The speaker can upload his own presentation or fulfill the task of the coach.
The coach can listen to the speaker's speeches at any time and see the feedback profiles from his classmates. The speaker is to see statistics and responses.
Mobile app and VR glasses
Internet portal with personal sections for trainees and coaches
The classmates of the speaker control the avatars that are in the VR of the audience. They can comment on the speaker's speech in the process (using pop-up clouds, which the speaker sees), and after the training give feedback in the questionnaires at the rate of the coach.
Desktop app
Explore compatible glasses
Speaker can see the help screen with the presentation and the timer, as well as the avatars of the listeners, their gestures and comments during the performance. Behind him is a screen with a presentation.
Speaker can choose his avatar and type of audience. Set the goals of the speech. Assign a time for the speech and invite listeners to the audience.
Basic VR audiences: negotiating table, a conference room with a platform and a screen, a large congress hall.
The audience divided into segments to record the statistics of visual contact on the part of the speaker.
The listener sees and hears the speaker, his presentation and can give short written comments on the progress of the speech and click on the feedback gestures.
After the presentation, the student fills in a short feedback form in accordance with the closure of the speaker's speech goals.
The listener sees other listeners in the hall. Perhaps their interaction.
The listener can choose his avatar.
VR app for trainee
Desctop app for listner
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The diversity of training practices, gamification
Additional communication of students outside classes - a club of interests
More hours of practical training
Exercisingat any convenient time, anywhere worldwide
Platform customizing for an educational institution or trainer
Development of feedback forms and avatar gestures at the request of the trainer
Development of any virtual reality environment at the request of the trainer
Vladimir Belopolsky
CEO of VR platform SpeakerGuru
Experienced professional, head of the software company with more than 10 years experience, convinced VR enthusiast, follower of the life long learning